An Honest Question for Christians


I have an honest question for Christians. If you call yourself one, I’m asking you to consider this question for yourself. I know it will be easiest to begin answering it for a bunch of other people who call themselves Christians, but I don’t want you to do that. For now, only think about yourself. Here’s the question.

Are you more committed to the gospel of Jesus (including its implications for every aspect of life and society) or a political ideology?

Slow down. Really think about it.

Full disclosure, I started thinking about writing this post because of frustrations with views I see of Christians in society, but as I did what I just asked of you and focused on myself I had to admit some things.

  • Some of my views are primarily driven by my disposition toward particular political and economic ideologies. (I’m not sure this is wrong, but it’s important for me to name where they come from and be open to the gospel challenging them.)
  • I am more angered by anti-gospel positions of those with whom I regularly disagree than those with whom I regularly agree. (This is not okay.)
  • I excuse bad behavior from politicians on one side the aisle more than the other.

In short, I let the lines between gospel-vision and political platform get too muddy at times. But I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life–not any political or economic system. I want to recommit myself to aligning my thoughts and desires with him above anyone or anything else. I hope you might too. What would it look like in your life if you did? (I’ll be wrestling with that one too.)


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