Prophets and Cynics

The Church needs prophets. Prophets are people who look to God as their authority. They don’t have a point to make other than the ones God calls them to. They are willing to be unpopular for the sake of fidelity to God and for the good of the Church–even when she doesn’t appreciate it. They are humble. This doesn’t mean they are hesitant to speak boldly. Their confidence comes from a conviction of the Spirit. Their confidence does not come from individualistic arrogance. They are thoughtful and wise. Their message is sometimes harsh, but it is aimed at conviction and redemption. Ultimately prophets are unswervingly committed to building the Church by calling it to fidelity to God. 

The Church does not need cynics. Cynics are people who look to likes on social media and the favor of others disenfranchised with the Church as their authority. They are willing to sarcastically and consistently put down those they disingenuously call “brother and sister” for the sake of cultural popularity. They are the kind of people who feel good about themselves by trashing others. They speak boldly, but their words are void of wisdom. Their confidence comes by the affirming laughter of others who find refuge in cynicism. Ultimately cynics are hell-bent on tearing the Church apart to prove they are not like “those Christians.”

As we speak, are we more prophet or cynic?

As we listen to others speak, especially online, are we listening to prophets or cynics?


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